Turn any Cheap Keyboard into a Midi Keyboard

Buying a new midi keyboard can be expensive. Instead of spending all that money buying the latest and greatest keyboard, why not try out a fun little electronics project.

First off, you’ll need a crappy keyboard (Don’t worry. It won’t be crappy for long).

After you acquire the keyboard, you’ll just need a few components. This might be a bit complicated, but if you have a general knowledge on electronics you should be able to follow along.

Video courtesy of EvanKale

The components will cost you less than $40! I tried my best to find the cheapest components on Amazon(links down below).

The video above goes into great detail about converting your keyboard into a fully functioning midi controller. Wiring diagrams and schematics are provided in the video.


Recommended course: The DIY MIDI Controller Course. If you want to become a master at making your own custom controller, this is the course for you! Packed with 11 action-packed modules that include downloadable images, schematics, sample code, and libraries. Even if you’re a hobby musician that doesn’t know anything about circuitry or programming, this course breaks it down to an understandable sense.

Material List:


Tools Recommended

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  1. Haha Oh my God, this has prompted me to go out and buy a cheap keyboard from walmart. Lmao. Hopefully I can put it together sometime in the near future. I will let you know!
    *still in shock*

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