How to Make a DJ Booth: Building a DIY booth from Ikea parts

Starting off a career as a DJ can be quite an expensive affair with having to invest in DJ gear that can burn a large hole in your pocket. 

So spending on a DJ booth could be the last thing in your mind in this cash-strapped situation.

However, did you know that it is quite possible to build a really affordable yet quality-looking do-it-yourself DJ booth using Ikea parts? 

Now, that ought to have raised your DJ antenna!

So here are some tips and some useful links to help you construct your very own DJ booth that you can be proud of.

I really hope you have as much fun reading this article as I did writing it!

Creating a DJ booth using Ikea furniture:

The following three methods use simple, affordable and yet great looking Ikea furniture to create three different models of DJ booths.

The cost of the parts in all the three constructions does not exceed $200-$250 and the outcome of your effort is bound to make you happy and leave you with a sense of fulfillment!

Method 1:

Materials needed with approximate costs listed next to each item:

  • EXPEDIT shelving unit – $70
  • CAPITA legs – $12
  • CAPITA brackets – $20
  • LACK Wall shelf – $15
  • 2 × LACK small shelves – $14
  • 2 × GODMORGON legs – $20
  • BJARNUM folding hook – $10
  • DIODER LED 4 piece strip set – $40

Step 1: Fix the CAPITA legs to the lower side of the EXPEDIT shelving unit.

Step 2: Fix the angular CAPITA bracket to the wall shelf

Step 3: Then, mount and connect this to the EXPEDIT shelving unit

Step 4: Connect the GODMORGON legs to the EXPEDIT shelving unit

Step 5: Now connect the LACK small shelves to the GODMORGON legs

Step 6: Attach the BJARNUM hooks to the side/corner for the headphones

Method 2:

  • 2 × EXPEDIT shelving units – $80
  • 6 × CAPITA legs – $24
  • 2 × CAPITA brackets – $20
  • BJARNUM foldable hook – $10
  • TORNLIDEN table top – $40
  • BESTA VARA drawer – $5

The total cost is less than $179!

Step 1: Assemble the EXPEDITE shelving units in a crisscross manner as shown in the video

Step 2: Mount and connect the CAPITA legs on to the TORNLIDEN table top

Step 3: Then connect the other end of the legs to the shelving units

Step 4: Mount and connect the CAPITA brackets to the drawer front (BESTA VARA)

Step 5: Now connect the CAPITA brackets on to the shelving units

Step 6: Mount and fix the BJARNUM foldable hook to the side to hold your earphones

Method 3:

Materials needed and approximate cost of each item:

  • 2 × LINNMON Table top – $60
  • 2 × CAPITA legs – $28
  • 2 × CAPITA angled bracket – $40
  • 2 × ULLRIK legs – $90
  • EKBY Amund shelf – $20
  • BJARNUM foldable hook – $10

Step 1: Assemble one of the LINNMON table top to the ULLRIK legs as shown in the video

Step 2: Then using CAPITA legs, connect the other LINNMOM table top over the first

Step 3: Use the CAPITA angled bracket to connect the EKBY Amund shelf to the LINNOM table top

Step 4: Mount and connect the BJARNUM foldable hook to one side of the booth for your headphones

Creating a DJ façade with LEDs:

You can find part 2 here.

Here is an easy and reasonably priced do-it-yourself DJ façade with LEDs to get that lighting blitzkrieg in your party. This method employed professionals to get that clean and unhindered look on the panel of the façade.

It is important to know that this entire gig costs less than $400. However, it does need your time and patience while you build this thing of beauty.

  1. Make 5 panels (3/4ʺ thickness) with dragon boards measuring 3 ft tall and 2 ft wide.
  2. These panels need to be done without joints at any of the corners and this aspect is what needs professional help.
  3. Each panel is made with a single piece and the absence of joints makes them stronger and more durable.
  4. There are grooves across the back of the frames.
  5. Cut wood pieces to exactly match the dimensions of the groove so that they fit in snugly
  6. The fabric used for the façade is lycra; easily stretchable and pliable
  7. Place the lycra cloth over the frame and then fit in the wood pieces into the grooves of the panel.
  8. Ensure the cloth and the wood pieces are neatly fixed without them falling off in the middle of a party. Once you have tested the parts, paint the panels and the wood pieces; dark glossy black or a semi-glossy black would be ideally suited.
  9. Fix hinges on the panels using routers so that they fit flush onto the frames. This will ensure that the hinges hold on to the frames firmly making them completely immobile.
  10. The longer hinges running across the vertical of the panels will ensure that there are no gaps between the panels/frames.
  11. Then place the lycra cloth across the back of each frame, pull it tight to get the stretched look and fix them with the wooden pieces in the groove. Then cut the cloth at the inner end.
  12. Then attach the 5 panels via the hinges and your LED façade is ready for use.
  13. Place different colored lights at the back of the facade; use your creativity to LIGHT up your party with your homemade LED façade!


Final Notes on building a DJ booth

A DJ who is completely ready with his/her music, DJ gear, DJ booth and façade is bound to be ready to start accepting clients.

Although DJ gear can cost a good amount of money, the booth and the façade can be made at home using some simple matericals available at very reasonable prices. (The materials might even be found in your backyard!)

I hope you enjoyed readin g this article! 

Feel free to send pictures of your completed DJ booth to Doug (at) I’d love to feature them in this article!

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