Best Budget DJ Headphones Under $200

DJ headphones can be expensive! Do you really have to drop $200 just to get a decent pair? 

Most of the headphones that pro-DJs recommend are far overpriced especially if you’re getting started on a budget.

In this list I’ve compiled my favorite DJ headphones that you can pick up for under $200. They are in no particular order.

My advice would be to get what you can afford. In DJing, higher sound-quality doesn’t necessarily help you mix better.


audio technica athm50x

ATH-M50x by Audio-Technica

Click here to check the ATH-M50x’s current price

The ATH-M50x Headphones by Audio-Technica are the DJ headphones you have been waiting for. They feature amazing value along with a top-notch construction at a price you can afford.

These headphones feature magnetic drivers that give you an ultra-accurate sound while mixing, monitoring, or DJing.

You will also get accurate, deep bass response thanks to its extended range of frequency.

These are the headphones I am currently using. You can read my full review of these headphones here.

Xone XD2 53

Xone XD2-53 by Allen & Heath

Click here to check the Xone XD2-53’s current price

The Xone XD2-53 by Allen & Heath are chosen by many of the top DJs in the world. The isolation provided by the Xone’s are fantastic! They are excellent for blocking out the haters. :)

In addition, their low extended frequency response along with their incredibly high performance will amaze you.

They feel super comfortable and can be wore for hours without any strain.

hd201 headphones

HD201 Headphones by Sennheiser

Click here to check the Sennheiser HD201’s current price

The HD201 Headphones by Sennheiser are low priced and great for beginners!

They will take a beating and act as great monitors when DJing.

For the price, you couldn’t ask for more! Decent sound quality, comfortability, and not to mention good ol’ german engineering!

HD 280 Pro

HD 280 PRO Headphones by Sennheiser

Click here to check the Sennheiser HD 280’s current price

The HD 280 PRO Headphones by Sennheiser are the ideal headphones for applications that require critical monitoring as they deliver liner, accurate sound reproduction and a huge reduction of ambient noise.

These headphones feature top-notch impedance to ensure full compatibility with any kind of application from studio monitoring to home listening.

The rotating, collapsible earcups will allow you to save a great deal of space, while their comfortable design will let you use them for extended periods of time. 

MDR-V55 headphones

MDR-V55/BR Headphones by Sony

Click here to check the Sony MDR-V55/BR’s current price

The MDR-V55/BR Headphones by Sony are good-lucking, high-quality, and affordable headphones.

In addition, these headphones are compact and lightweight which make them easy to travel with.

The MDR-V55/BR Headphones by Sony also feature ergonomic design and are very easy to fold in as well.

The build quality of the MDR-V55 is very high quality. The MDR-V55 is definitely a pair of headphones that will last you a long time.


All of these options are great choices for if you are looking for the best budget DJ headphones. Overall, my favorite pair has to be the Sony MDR-V55. It has a stylish look, a compact size, and an affordable price making it a great pair of DJ headphones.

What are your favorite headphones?

Let us know in the comments below

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