6 Best Karaoke Microphones to Rock the Stage: Our Favorite Choices

by Doug

 November 18, 2016

Only a good quality microphone will result in good quality vocals. There are few joyful things in the world than when you are belting out your favorite song at the top of your voice through a karaoke microphone with your friends cheering you and egging you on for your performance.

The actual quality of the performance becomes truly irrelevant in the face of the fun, frolic, and sheer enjoyment that your karaoke singing generated! And for such fun, wouldn’t you mind investing in a good karaoke microphone?

While there are cheaply available microphones which might pass muster for your karaoke experience,  I would seriously advise you to buy a good one that enhances both your singing experience and your friends’ listening experience.  And believe me, most good karaoke microphones are quite affordable.

We list some of the best karaoke microphones from among the many available in the market. So here goes.



Singing Machine SMM-205

Enabled with a wide pickup range, we would rate the Singing Machine SMM-205 to be the best microphone for karaoke use. A great value-for-money product, this device needs no battery, a huge advantage indeed.

This unidirectional dynamic microphone is highly sensitive and is designed for a wide frequency response.  The sleek Singing Machine is definitely worthy of owning.



Karaoke USA Emerson M189

The Karaoke USA Emerson M189 comes in a rugged case and with a detachable cable which is ideal for travel use. The sturdily built microphone remains undamaged even after being dropped a couple of times. Of course, we urge you not to deliberately try the dropping act.

This easy plug-and-play device offers a smooth frequency response and the on/off switch enhances its convenience of use. The Karaoke USA Emerson M189 is a great microphone delivering high clarity sound that you will not regret buying.



Behringer Ultravoice XM8500

A popular microphone that is well-loved in the music industry, the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 delivers a clear audio quality across a decent frequency range of 50Hz to 15kHz. An inbuilt shock mount system enhances protection and stability and also cuts down handling noise.

The cardioid characteristic of the diaphragm delivers excellent feedback suppression. The 2-stage pop filter keeps pop and breath noises under check. A sturdy metal construction with electromagnetic shielding increases the robustness of the microphone.



Axess MPWL1504-BK

The Axess MPWL1504-BK has a fairly long working range of up to about 120 feet. The package includes two batteries, two wireless microphones, a receiver, two inbuilt retractable antennae, one microphone input jack cable, and batteries which are not for commercial use.

The Axess MPWL1504-BK is also suitable for compatible instruments like your guitar. The wireless receiver and microphones enhance the mobility for the user. This affordable microphone is a great alternative for speeches, meetings, and other such events too.



Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is great for a variety of voice solutions including karaoke. With a low gain, great high output, and a cardioid pickup pattern all ensure you get excellent feedback suppression and great isolation of the primary sound source.

The bass and midrange are designed for better control of proximity allowing the singer to come very close to the mic.  The on/off switch enhances the convenience of use, especially on stage and the integrated pop filter reduces pop noises.



Sennheiser e835

Closely comparable to the Shure SM58, the Sennheiser e835 delivers great quality sound solutions. A lower midrange congestion combined with high-range rolloffs makes this more suitable for people with a less powerful vocal.

The cardioid pickup pattern reduces feedback and ambient noise well. The Sennheiser e835 delivers a warm and clear sound quality allowing you to be able to hear all sounds across the aural spectrum.


Final Notes

Whether a wireless microphone (which we highly recommend for large parties and club events where users would love to strut around the stage without cables hampering their movement) or a wired microphone (which is good enough for a small home crowd), karaoke experiences can never be complete or wholesome without it.

We hope our article gave you a nice insight to some of the best karaoke microphones. Do let us know which of them you chose to buy. Suggestions, feedback, and comments are heartily welcomed.

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