What’s The Best Microphone for Singing? We Go Over The Greatest Choices

by Doug

 November 20, 2016

A bad quality microphone can make a lovely voice sound crass and horrible. It is important to choose a good-quality microphone to ensure that a fantastic vocal is relayed with the same or better tone via the microphone.

This article gives you an insight into a few great microphones you can choose from.



Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is ideal for live performances because of its following features:

  • Ergonomic capsule
  • Rugged and robust casing
  • Resistance to feedback

With a frequency of 50 – 15,000 HZ, the Shure SM58 is custom-made for vocals; the bass roll-off feature and heightened midrange make it possible to control proximity effect. It features an inbuilt pop filter and spherical wind.

The handling noise is kept under check owing to the microphone’s pneumatic shock-mount system. The cardioid pickup pattern cuts down background noise and isolates the main source of the sound.



Rode NTK

The Rode NTK is perfectly suited for semi-professional studio and home use and is easily one of the best available in the market under this category. With a rugged build, the Rode NTK delivers a clear and warm sound and promises you a long life if you handle it with care.

It features a nice big one-inch capsule with a gold-plated diaphragm; it delivers ultra low noise, a wide dynamic range, and is built with Class A valve circuitry featuring the best 6922 twin-triode valve.



Audio-Technica AT2035

A well-known and well-accepted microphone model, the Audio-Technica AT2035 features a large cardioid diaphragm for some amazing SPL (sound pressure level) which results in a loud yet crisp and clear sound.

The large diaphragm delivers low noise and a smooth and natural sound. The wide dynamic range renders great versatility, and the custom shock mount offers excellent isolation.

The Audio-Technica AT2035 features 10dB pad and 80 Hz switchable high-pass filter.  Its cardioid polar pattern ensures minimum pickup of obstructive sounds and improves isolation.



Neumann TLM-102

While its high price tag may deter you initially, the exceptional audio quality of the Neumann TLM-102 will make you realize the value of your investment. A point of caution is at sounds above 6 kHZ, this microphone slightly manipulates the vocals.

The large diaphragm of the Neumann TLM-102 features a cardioid directional characteristic pattern. The maximum SPL that this microphone delivers is 144dB.



Blue Microphone Bluebird

With a vintage feel, the Blue Microphone Bluebird features Class A amp, a wide dynamic range, and a cardioid polar pattern. Enclosed in a wooden case, this microphone comes with a pop filter and a shock mount.

Constructed with Blue’s signature cutting-edge design, Microphone Bluebird has a great profile and delivers low noise and amazing clarity of sound.



MXL 770

The reasonably priced MXL 770 boasts of a solidly-built gold-plated diaphragm. Featuring, 10dB pad and switchable bass cut, this microphone’s inbuilt FET preamp is designed slightly differently from those found in standard Class A mics yet the difference is so small that it is hardly worth dissecting.

The integrated FET preamp offers a balanced output enhancing the quality of sound considerably. We believe that the MXL 770 is the best quality microphone available at the price quoted and is a great value-f0r-money product.

Its 6-micron diaphragm delivers very low distortion. The MXL 770 features the famous MXL sonic characteristics and comes in a rugged case and with a shock mount.



Rode NT1-A

The specifications of the Rode NT1-A include:

  • Wide dynamic range
  • One-inch gold-plated diaphragm
  • Surface mount circuitry (transformerless)
  • Cardioid pattern

While the specs may appear very standard, the great pricing level of the Rode NT1-A is enough to make up for any missing technical histrionics. With a self-noise level of 5dB, it delivers ultra low noise.



sE Electronics sE2200a II

Despite its lower popularity compared to the bigger brands, the sE Electronics sE2200a II delivers great quality sound. The large one-inch gold diaphragm has a multiple-pattern design consisting of cardioid, omni, and figure 8 patterns.

This multi-pattern design of the diaphragm renders a freshness and newness to the sound emanating from the sE Electronics sE2200a II. It also comes with a black, universal shock mount.



AKG C214

With a maximum SPL level of 156 dB (the highest on our list), the AKG C214 promises great sound even if your vocalist has a loud voice. This microphone comes with a bass-cut filter and a 20 dB switchable attenuator allowing the vocalist to get really close to the mic thereby reducing proximity effects considerably.

With a rock solid design, the AKG C214 has a large frequency range allowing for precise reproduction of your vocals. The sonic characteristic of this mic facilitates detailed and accurate recording of both solo instruments and vocals.

The all-metal design of the mic featuring scratch- and shock-resistant finish renders a classy profile to it.


Final Notes

As mentioned at the top of the post, the quality of a microphone decides how the sound is recorded and transferred to the listener. Underestimating the value of this critical device could land you in sound issues, no matter how great a singer you are or how good your vocals are.

So, do not hesitate to invest in a good-quality mic and I hope my article helps you make that informed choice. Your comments/suggestions are welcome.

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