Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Review

Product Name: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Price: $170
Rating: 9/10
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These headphones have 90° swiveling earcups making it easy for DJs to do one-ear monitoring. The headband on the M50x is well built and won’t be breaking any time soon.

Everything on these headphones seem well built and very durable. The M50x has great sonic performance and will work excellently in a studio environment.

The sound isolation is wonderful. You can listen to music in a quiet room full of people and no one will hear a thing! I think that has to do with the upgraded cushions.


Difference between the M50x and the previous model

Like I said, there are upgraded cushions. Not only do these cushions help with sound isolation, but they are also much more comfortable. You can wear these headphones for a much longer period of time.

A big difference in the M50x is it has a detachable cable. On my ATH-M50 I have gone through countless repairs on the same wire.

If I had a detachable cable I could’ve just replaced it and saved a ton of time.


  • Excellent sound quality – For this price, it is extremely difficult to get headphones that sound good. These headphones are amazing! Whether you are a music producer or just an average listener, you’ll be impressed.
  • Very Comfortable – With the upgraded cushions, you can wear these a lot longer.
  • Portability – The ATH-M50x is very portable. It folds up nicely and even comes with a carrying case.
  • Little to no sound leakage – These headphones just don’t leak much sound. Like I said, you can listen to music on these headphones in a room full of people and no one will hear it.
  • Great build quality – Audio-Technica’s products are very high quality. These headphones are very durable and won’t break for a long time.


  • The Cable connector uses a special connector – This was the only con I could think of for the M50x. The cable that connects to the headphone requires a special connector. This bothered me at first, but then again, they give you a few replacement wires in the box.



I will stand by these headphones any day. The Audio-Technica ATH50x provides you professional sound quality at an affordable price.

What more could one ask for?

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