Choosing a Home Recording Studio Desk

A proper desk, designed for a home recording studio, allows for dedicated spaces to put your gear. A home studio desk acts as a way to stay organized and keep your workarea clutter-free.

There are quite a few options to choose from. Amazon has a load of different home recording studio desks to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of run-of-the-mill furniture stores, such as Ikea, don’t have a section of desks dedicated home home studios. This inconvenience forces many producers to shop online.

In this article, I’ll be going to be going over my top 5 choices for the best Home Recording Studio Desks. Since every producer has different tastes and needs, instead of doing a typical countdown list I have decided to assign 5 different categories of desks and assign a winner for each category.

The categories are:

  • Best Option For: a beginner
  • Best Option For: a producer on a budget
  • Best Option For: a minimalist
  • Best Option For: a hardware guy
  • Best Option For: The All-Around Producer

If you have any questions about buying home recording studio desks, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below.


On Stage WS750

Best Option For: a beginner

On Stage WS7500

The On Stage WS7500 is both cheap and high quality, a rare combination.

It has a slide-out keyboard tray to keep your computer mouse and keyboard tucked away. It isn’t a hassle to slide out the keyboard tray and doesn’t get in your way when producing.

Surprisingly, this desk is much bigger than it is perceived in its picture. From how this desk looks in the picture, you’d think that it is small and un-sturdy. The WS7500 is well built and very stable.

The WS7500 has a second shelf designed to hold your studio monitors and possibly a display monitor. It is worth noting that you might have trouble fitting multiple displays with a pair of studio monitors on the second shelf.

This desk is a perfect option for someone who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on their studio furniture yet. A desk is a desk. Although $2000+ studio desks provide more room for equipment, a higher build quality, and perhaps better quality wood, it won’t include any magical features that will improve the quality of music you make.


Walker Edison Soreno

Best Option For: A producer on a budget

Walker Edison Soreno

The Soreno is not very fancy. However, if you don’t have much cash to spend and need a desk that will simply be “good enough“, the Soreno is for you.

This desk is L-shaped. I choose an L-desk instead of a normal rectangular desk because of the surface area. With an L-desk, you have much more room for equipment.

The only downside of this desk is that it doesn’t have shelves. For this reason, I’d recommend also looking for a set of speaker stands to hold your studio monitors.

The Soreno only costs about $100. For this price, you are given a desk with a high build quality that is supported by a strong steel frame.

If your home studio is still in its early stages and you have a small budget to work with, this desk will let you save money to spend elsewhere un your studio.


Z-Line Designs Cyrus

Best Option For: A minimalist

Z-Line Designs Cyrus

The Cyrus has a simple and clean design. Its wood has a nice cherry finish to it. The surface of this desk is made out of glass. Don’t be mistaken, the glass used is a very strong tempered glass that won’t break easily.

This desk has a shelf that will fit any size studio monitors without any issues. The Cyrus also has castor wheels. This makes the desk easy to move around and rearrange.

Assembling the desk is nice and simple. It will only take around 30 minutes to put put together.


AZ Studio Pro 88

Best Option For: A hardware guy

AZ Studio Pro 88

The AZ Studio Pro 88 is a huge step up in quality from the other desks. It has a sleek, solid, and professional look to it.

This desk is a great option for anyone who is serious about music production and setting up a home recording studio. While the price-tag might initially seem high, you get what you pay for.

It has rack space both underneath the desk and underneath the speaker stands. If you have, or plan to have, an abundance of hardware compressors, EQs, and other audio processors, rack space becomes vital.

The slide-out keyboard tray is meant for a musical keyboard rather than a computer keyboard. Like the name suggests, you can fit up to an 88-key keyboard in the slide-out rack.

Final Notes

All-in-all, each of these desks do the same exact thing: provide a workspace for you to make music and hold your laptop/computer. Whether you get a cheap desk or expensive is completely up to the gear you own and your spending budget.

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