Studio Monitors VS. Headphones: What Is The Best Option?

A big question for beginning producers is, “What should I get? Studio Monitors or Headphones?”. I believe that there is not an end-all be-all answer to this question. Ideally, you should have both.

Studio monitors provide a more accurate sound, but headphones don’t have to deal with room acoustics. You should also consider your budget. It is cheaper to get a good pair of studio headphones rather than a good pair or studio monitors. Headphones are also good for producing if you have roommates you don’t want to bother.

To illustrate the differences between studio monitors and headphones, I created a nice info-graphic. Enjoy!

headphones vs studio monitors


If you plan on buying studio monitors, you might want to check out my list of The Best Studio Monitors.

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  1. Can’t endorse this enough!!!! You are so right about the headphones making your mix sound good and then it translating flat on monitors. It’s a really delicate balance and one that I’m STILL getting used to even after making beats for awhile. I just got some JBL’s in the spring and they are amazing. I also rock the ATH M50’s and they are pretty incredible as well.

    This is a great post too, as a graphic designer (who loves typography) I really can appreciate the time that went into creating this graphic. Hit me up sometime!


    1. Thanks stu!
      The hardest part in creating the graphic was the accuracy. A lot of producers have different opinions on this topic so it was tough to find out who was right and who was wrong.
      And btw, I love ath m50s! I use them regularly:)

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