Music Producer Resources

​Music Producer Resources

​This page includes all of our top recommendations for producers, from software, to hardware, to educational material.

Use the Table of Contents below to help navigate around this page.

The Guides section features all of the top articles/resources from MIDI Lifestyle, neatly categorized for your convenience.

The Paid Training section features some of our most recommended sources to pay for music production training.

The Free Training section will provide you with a nice list of great YouTube channels that provide free educational content.

In the Software section you'll find our most essential software recommendations, including both DAWs and plugins. We choose to keep that section pretty simple as we could spend all day naming software. For a more comprehensive list of software/plugins, check out some of our articles in the ​guides section mentioned earlier.

Finally, the Equipment section provides you with a non-overwhelming list of different pieces of studio equipment that we love.

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​Paid Training

​TheProAudioFile's Courses

Mixing EDM Cover

​Mixing EDM

A must-have course for any EDM producer. Learn how to take your mixing skills to the next level and make your drops extra impactful. Over four hours of in-depth video training is included

Mixing Hip-Hop

​Mixing ​Hip-Hop

This course focuses on teaching you how to process rap vocals like a pro. You’ll also learn how to use effects properly to create incredible ambiences.

Mixing With Compression Course

​Mixing With Compression

The compressor is the most misused tool in a music producer’s arsenal. This essential course will save you from making horrible mistakes by teaching you how to properly mix with compression.

Mixing With EQ

​Mixing With EQ

An EQ is an incredible tool at your disposal as a digital musician. This three-hour course will teach you how to properly mix with EQ.

Mixing With Reverb

​Reverb Course

You can get insanely creative with reverb. This six-hour course takes you through an incredible amount of fantastic reverb tips that will come in handy when mixing your next track.

Advanced Mixing

​Advanced Mixing

This course is a great buy to go along with any of the other mixing courses here. It will take you through a lot of advanced tips & tricks that you don’t hear too much of elsewhere.

Mixing 101

Mixing 101

If you’re brand new to music production, Mixing 101 is a great fundamentals course to go through. It will take you from zero to hero as you learn the essentials of mixing.


​Music Production in Ableton Live

If you’re an Ableton user and brand new to music production, this course is a great place to start.

​Music Production in Logic Pro X

If you’re a Logic Pro user and brand new to music production, this course is a great place to start.

​Music Theory Comprehensive

Learning music theory opens up a lot of creative possibilities for you. You’ll struggle less coming up with melodies and chord progressions. This course will advance your skills.

​​Mixing and Mastering EDM

This course will teach you how to efficiently mix and master your tracks. It’s a great place to start and doesn’t require you to buy any specific plugins or DAW.


​TrainYourEars is an ear-training software I have been recommending for years. It will make you better at mixing in the long term. Read my full review here.


​Quiztones is a bliss for Mac and iOS users! It's similar to TrainYourEars but offers additional features that just might win you over. The idea behind this app came to the creator all the way back in music school when the teacher pulled up an EQ and quizzed the class to improve their ability to identify various frequencies. But what if we replace the teacher in this situation for a beautifully designed app? That's what Quiztones accomplished. Read more about Quiztones ​on their website.

​Free Training


​Bitwig Studio (DAW)

After trying Bitwig Studio, I quickly fell in love with it. It’s very reasonably priced, has a similar workflow to Ableton, and works on any operating system (including Linux).

Xfer Records Serum (Plugin)

Serum is my FAVORITE synth plugin. If you could only buy one synth, buy this.

Xfer Records Nerve (Plugin)

Nerve is Xfer’s unique take on a drum sampler plugin. I love it!

iZotope Ozone (Plugin)

Hands-down the best mastering plugin/suite. They have three different packages to match whatever your budget is: Elements, Standard, and Advanced.


​Studio Monitors

​Yamaha HS8

Buying your first pair of studio monitors is typically a very confusing experience. My biggest piece of advice would be to NOT cheap out on a pair of bad monitors. The Yamaha HS8 costs $250 a speaker but provides an amazing sound quality. If you really can't afford a pair of monitors at this price point, you'd be much better going with studio monitor headphones rather than cheaping out on a pair of  monitors.


​The JBL LSR305 is a good alternative to the HS8 at a slightly lower price point.

​Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650

These headphones are arguably the best pair of headphones a producer could own. They are comfortable enough for long studio sessions and have a nice flat sound quality.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

These are arguably the best headphones for the money. For $150, these cans provide a flat sound quality that any producer can appreciate

Sony MDRV6

The MDRV6 closely resembles the classic MDR7506 headphones that were popular in the 80s. Producers still use the classic MDR7506 headphones to mix music. The V6 is a slightly improved, more modern version of the classic cans.

​For Recording

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite has pioneered the audio interface, creating affordable, well-built, great performing interfaces. The 2i2 is the best audio interface for most producers’ needs.

Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR/USB

The AT2020 comes in either XLR or USB. Both are great.

Zoom H4N PRO

​If you're looking for a multi-track field recorder, you can't go wrong with the Zoom H4N Pro.

​Instruments / Controllers

Akai LPK25

LPK25: Need a small keyboard for playing with melody ideas any doing basic chord progressions? Look no further.

Akai MPK249

This midi controller is the absolute best all-around midi keyboard/controller combo. It has knobs, faders, a 4x4 drum pad, and 49 keys. If you're looking for a slightly bigger keyboard, there's also the MPK261 and the MPK88.

Ableton Push

If your goal is to produce digital music, but you still want the analog feel of never touching a computer, take a look at the Ableton Push. It allows for both live performance and music production. There are great videos on YouTube of people making entire tracks on it without looking at their laptop screens.

Novation Launchpad

There is a very good chance you have heard of the Novation Launchpad. It's designed for Ableton Live, but also works in Bitwig, FLStudio and a few other big-name DAWs. That being said, it has the best compatability with Ableton.