Ableton Live Packs: 7 Sample Packs & Instrument Packs you’ll Love

Ableton Live offers endless possibilities to its users and has extension capabilities that make it one of the most customizable DAWs ever developed.

Ableton Live Packs can be added within the software which by definition are sounds, live sets, clips, samples and extra documents.

Each Live Pack comes with its own license as you’ve made the purchase making it royalty free. There is a huge market of Ableton Live packs just waiting to be explored, but before you do just that, let’s cover how to install a pack.



Installing an Ableton Live pack onto your machine is quite simple.

– Firstly, open Ableton and navigate to the File Menu.

– Once you’re there, choose “Install Live Pack”.

– Now Navigate through the browser to the pack you want to install.

– You can also double click any live pack to automatically open Ableton and kick off the installation.

– Now, you will be asked to choose the location where the set should be downloaded.

– Choose that and it will start installing all the files & folders.

– Close the window now and navigate to “File, Open Live Set, \Location” and voila!

– Open the sets in pack and you’ll be good to go.


Best Ableton Live Packs


Trapstep Ultra Pack

Price: $57

Singomakers presents another incredible Ultra Live Pack which contains a whole lot of twerk, trap, dubstep, trapstep and hip hop ready to be used. You’ll get:

  • 24 bit quality,
  • 77 GB worth of content,
  • A plethora of loops,
  • 6 video tutorials,
  • 160 SFX

Inspired by artists like Yellow Claw and Diplo, this Ultra Pack will definitely give you the chills and help you build tracks you would’ve never dreamt of. The samples have been processed by state-of-the-art equipment and can be used for studio level productions.



Ultimate Bangers & Anthems

Price: $71.95

This pack has everything an Ableton producer could want, all the samples & loops to get the dance floor grooving in one place.

  • Over 5000 sounds,
  • 100x MIDI files,
  • 24 bit quality,
  • 48 GB worth of content,
  • Kicks, snares, claps, hihats, etc.

Brought to you by Black Octopus, this is one of the most complete and awe inspiring collection of EDM loops ever. The one shot samples in the collection are ideal for creating any type of electronic music track you want while retaining originality and uniqueness.

All of the samples are in high quality and can be loaded in several DAWs other than Ableton Live.



Kids Massive Presents Deeper House

Price: $49.95

This collection of royalty free samples will give you a vivid picture of the deeper side of House. The phenomenal section of samples & loops contains:

  • 24 bit quality,
  • 30 GB worth of content,
  • 54 Music Loops,
  • 80 Soft Sampler Patches,
  • 18 MIDI files,

This Ableton Live Pack will give you all the tempos you need for your House creations, covering all subgenres including Progressive House, Funky House, etc. With over 100 Drum hits, you can built perfect tracks with this bad boy.



Euphoric EDM

Price: $49.95

Euphoric EDM is a brand new live pack, fresh out of the oven. You’ll get:

  • 70 GB worth of content,
  • 24 bit quality,
  • 93 music loops,
  • 122 MIDI files,
  • 399 Rex2 files,

With uplifting melodies, massive drops and sick basslines, this is a one extension pack, you just can’t miss. Euphoric EDM delivers a huge collection of loops, sampler patches, presets, one shots and MIDI files right at your doorstep and of the highest quality.

You’ll find an array of impacts, up-lifters and downshifters leading to a smooth transition in your track, giving you both serenity and madness at the same time.



Smokers Unite

Price: $71.42

Raw Cutz has steam rolled another great library of samples & sounds, taking inspiration from classic producers & labels. You’ll get:

  • 24 bit quality,
  • 66 GB worth of content,
  • 800 samples,
  • 234 loops,
  • 16 Kong kits,

Melting Jazz Fuelled swings, Funked out atmospherics and Hip Hop attitude together, this is the true sound of Nu School Old Skool beat makers! The package comes complete with crispy beats, enchanting pads, snares, and vibes and chords all waiting to be utilized by you!



Dub & Reggae

Price: $35.66

Niche Audio brings their latest collection of authentic kits in style and full celebrations. Turn up the bass with this amazing Ableton Live pack and get the dancefloor thumping:

  • 15 projects,
  • 15 drum racks,
  • 81 instrument racks,
  • 238 samples,

This is an evergreen collection of 15 kits, crafted with precision and on high end machinery. Available in over 4 DAWs, you’ll get the highest possible standard of cranked up vibes for your groovy audio tracks.


Enjoy learning about our favorite Ableton Live packs?

So how did it go? I hope you would’ve learned a lot from this article and would now make great additions to your Ableton Live Software. Leave your feedback so I can meet your needs even more accurately the next time!

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