Best FL Studio Sound Packs: Your Top 5 Choices

by Doug

 November 20, 2015

Best FL Studio Packs

FL Studio is one of the best DAWs on the planet.

It’s popular among a huge variety of producers who produce different genres of music.

However, it is particularly beloved in the EDM community. Some of the biggest House, Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, and Trap producers stand by it.

FL Studio sound packs and projects are a way for you to get custom project templates, sounds and instruments designed for FL Studio.

In this article, I have found 5 of the best FL Studio sound packs. Today you’ll learn which project packs are worth buying.



FL Studio Projects

FL Studio Projects (Link)

Price: $30.31

Here are the features of the pack:

  • 386 MB pack,
  • 1x Dubstep project
  • 1x Electro project
  • 1x 110bpm project
  • 1x Trap project
  • 1x Drumstep Project

Rankin Audio is back again to bring you 5 complete tracks with excellent customization built especially with FL Studio in mind.

The premade tracks included are completely editable, remixable and screwable in any way you like!

Rankin Audio Archives believe in complete control over the track and therefore provide access to each channel, Equalizer, FX chains and simply everything you could think off.

Each programmed drum can be viewed as it is hit and played in the track and, for the first time, you can look at the entire structure from the bottom up.

The varieties of tracks range from dubstep to trap to drumstep to electro!

(All projects include track stems, audio files, and of course .flp project files.)


Drumtrax Future Classic Vol2

Drumtrax Future Class Vol2 (Link)

Price: $45.40

Here are the features of the pack:

  •  1.36 GB of .wav content,
  • 24 bit quality,
  • 57 Add-on loops,
  • 186 drum hits,
  • 57 Rex2 loops,
  • 8 Demo Tracks,
  • 8 Full Drum Track Stems

James Wiltshire, the studio genius behind the Grammy nominated team, “The Freemasons” brings to you an entirely new concept in the world of sound packs.

This pack is for anyone who wants to get a head-start with making house music as each Drumtrax sound is professionally mixed with best in class studio equipment and audio plug-ins.

The entire pack skims through Future, Club and Classic House Music at a rate of 124-128 bpm. Drumtrax offers more than 1.8 GB worth of 24 bit audio tracks that have been mixed in F9 studios under James Wiltshire.

That’s not all, they have been retouched and mastered at Wired Masters UK by just the right amount so that they don’t feel over processed.

You can start producing music instantly with its Club-ready Beats and its wide compatibility ranging from Logic X to Logic 9 and Ableton Live 8+9.


FL Studio Track Templates

FL Studio Track Templates (Link)

Price: $30.36

Here are the features of the pack:

  •  6 complete tracks,
  • 156 MB worth of content,
  • Trap, drum & bass, IDM, deep tech & progressive house genres,
  • Uses DAW presets

Filled with genres like trap, deep house, drum & bass and glitch, FL Studio Track Templates is one of the best sound packs and it’s available to you for a reasonable price.

Developed by Singomakers, the brilliant collection contains 6, ready to go sound tracks free of any royalty.

They have been mixed, retouched & mastered with integrated FL tools and are completely compatible with FL Studio 10 and up.

The tracks have been created using plugins like Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Compressor, Fruity Wave Shaper and dozens more making sure you get the best of everything.

The pack is ideal for new-to-the-market FL Studio producers and professionals looking to get their creative juices flowing.

Note that the pack requires Fruity Loops Studio 10 (or higher) & NI Massive 1.3+.


Aftermath - FL Studio Template

Aftermath – FL Studio Template (Link)

Price: $19.68

The pack contains:

  • 50.5 MB worth of sound,
  • 15 apocalyptic presets including 11 bass, 1 lead and 3 pads,
  • 1 FL studio dubstep template,
  • FL Studio 11+ Project template,
  • 15 Harmor presets,

A pure collection of dubstep tracks, this pack in particular is a wonderful combination of 15 of the sickest bass patches ever released.

You’ll be taken to a whole new world after a jam session with these sounds.

The pack is highlighted by elaborate FL studio files which are ready for editing and remastering into a beastly, royalty free track.

Without much difficulty you can make a track filled with the sound of aliens invading the earth!


Future Series - FL Studio Templates by Ova9000

Future Series – FL Studio Templates (Link)

Price: $28.79

Here are the features of the pack:

  • 16.5 MB worth of content
  • FL Studio DAW templates,
  • 3 FL Studio Project Templates

Ready for a trip to the future?

If yes, then this is your pack. As the name says it all, the Future Series FL Studio Templates are a collection of some of the best tracks produced by Ova9000 expressing a futuristic sound.

The pack will allow you to create future house, bass & garage sounds.

The first template, Future House, will show you a variety of famous and catchy house bass sounds using FM Synthesizers. There’s a lot to learn just by observing the different synthesis techniques used.

Moving on, the second template, Future Bass will give you various bass sounds that can be edited using Sytrus synthesizers.

The third template, covers everything from drones to pads to soundscapes and will give you a true futuristic feel. You’ll learn various layering techniques, lofi effects as well as post-production mastering from it.

In no time, you’ll be creating your own melodies and arrangements which may soon turn into commercial releases. This pack is well worth a look!



Conclusively, all of these packs have unique features that set them apart. Go with the one that best suits your desired style and comes with what you need to better your production skills.

The FL Studio Track Templates is one of my favorite packs because of their great selection of content and how diverse it sounds.

The templates will allow you to create tracks in almost all types of popular genres like Trap, IDM, house, etc.

The prices of these packs also quite affordable given that the equipment used is expensive and you can tell that the sounds were tweaked to perfection.

If you’re looking for some quality templates and sounds to advance your productions, check out some of the FL Studio sound packs!

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