B-B-B-Breaking Down The Best Hip Hop Sample Packs

As a Hip-Hop producer, you are constantly looking for new sounds.

Sampling is huge in music nowadays. No matter what genre you listen to, there is a huge chance that something was sampled.

Buying a sample pack is not cheating.

A lot of people tend to think that sampling is when you steal other peoples melodies and drum loops to throw them together into a song.

Sampling is an art form that requires a lot of creativity and thinking outside of the box. A lot of the time after heavily processing a sample, it won’t even be recognizable to what it originally was.

Sample packs are a way for you expand your horizons and get sounds that were recorded all around the world. In what would’ve been a two month expedition to the Australian outback just to record an indigenous tribe’s drumming, could’ve been a two second download.

In this list, I have gathered 5 sample packs that cover a wide range of styles in the vast genre of Hip-Hop.

Whether you are brand new, and this is your first pack, or if you have been producing for years and are just looking for something new, you should be able to find a great pack from this list.


Adventures In Hip Hop: Maschine & Ableton

Adventures In Hip Hop: Maschine & Ableton

The first pack we’ll be talking about is called Adventures In Hip Hop.

It is a great pack that features many different styles of Hip Hop.

Inside, you’ll get a mixture of both modern and classic sounds. There are over 120 kits which is 1GB in size. There are also 400 midi files included for you to gain inspiration off of.

There are multiple formats you can purchase this pack in. There is an Ableton version, a Maschine version, and a WAV-only version.

All of the samples sound really good. You can tell that everything was done professionally and packaged with care.

All of the samples are categorized and organized very specifically. I’m glad they took the time to do that because we all know how much of a pain it is to sift through a poorly organized pack.

Overall, Adventures In Hip Hop is a great sample pack for anyone who is looking for a wide range of samples to add to their collection.


Slo-Fi Sessions

Looking for the ultimate chill/trip-hop sounding sample pack? Slo-Fi Sessions might be your answer.

This pack was produced by the well-known sample pack company, Raw Cutz. Raw Cutz, in my opinion, puts the most care into creating their sample packs. Every pack of theirs I find is amazing!

Drums aren’t the only things that are included in this pack. Pads, fx, melodies, and many more elements are included as well.

Let me just say that this pack is worth it just for its atmospheric elements. They are so airy and vibey that they just sound amazing wherever you put them.

This pack can be applied to many genres other than Hip Hop. I can definitely see the fx in this pack used for cinematic genres especially.

You can purchase this pack as a Maschine pack, an Ableton Live pack, or a WAV pack.

There are nearly 1.5GB of samples. You’ll find 474 samples(156 loops, 318 one-shots).

All-in-all, this is an amazing sample pack that will always come in handy when you need to put a bit of ambience in your tracks.


Polish Jazz sample pack

Polish Jazz

Like I mentioned earlier, producers are always looking for unique sounds to add to their collection. Just by the name, you can tell that the Polish Jazz sample pack has something new to offer.

This pack contains all kinds of experimental sounds from dusty organs, to swung guitars. Polish Jazz is yet another masterpiece by Raw Cutz.

There are 252 samples in this pack equating to 118mb. That might not seem like a lot, but this pack goes for more of a quality over quantity approach.

The included sounds are perfect for sampling! I liked their real instrument loops the best.

Overall, this pack is at least worth a listen. It is one of my favorite sample packs on this list just for the fact of how unique it is.


Intergalactic Robot Orchestra

Intergalactic Robot Orchestra

The next pack on this list is called Intergalactic Robot Orchestra. I love when packs tell you exactly what to expect just from the title.

Intergalactic Robot Orchestra is a must-have sample pack for any hip-hop producers.

It contains crazy space-like sounds that are a new level of chill. You’ll find futuristic sounds with deep, bassy kicks and punchy snares.

In total, this pack has 1.2GB of samples. There are plenty of instrument and percussion loops. A lot of one-shot samples are included as well.

It is available in 4 formats: Acid/WAV, Apple Loops, Rex2 loops, and zip format.

Intergalactic Robot Orchestra is an epic pack for any producer who is looking for sounds that will set them apart.


Dope 808

Dope 808

UPDATE: It appears Dope 808’s packs have been taken down. I am trying to figure out whether they went out of business or changed their name.

Want an 808 pack that doesn’t just your typical, standardized 808 samples? Dope 808 is a pack that has much more to offer than traditional 808 packs.

It contains tuned 808 kicks with many different textures. I noticed that there are plenty of 808 kicks that would sound perfect in trap beats.

There are clean, but crisp, snares and a ton of great sounding hats/high hats. These samples were made on analog equipment which gives these samples a very desirable sound.

354 drum samples are included. All of them are nicely categorized.

Dope 808 is available in 4 formats. You can get this pack specialized for MPC or Maschine. You could also get either WAV or AIFF files instead.

This pack contains 100% drum loops. You won’t find any melodic elements or effects.

If I were to recommend a go-to 808 pack, without a doubt, it would be the Dope 808 sample pack.


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So there you have it!

Those were my choices for the best Hip hop sample packs.

If you know of a Hip Hop sample pack that deserves to be on this list, let me know in the comment section below.

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