Too Cheap To Be Good? Behringer MS16 Review

The Behringer MS16 is the most affordable studio monitor on the market. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In this review I will go over the pros and cons of the ms16. By the end of this article you will have a much more clear idea if these speakers will work for your purposes.

behringer ms16 review

Speaker Name: Behringer MS16

Price: $80

Where To Buy: Amazon



The Behringer ms16 are compact studio monitors with 4 inch speakers and “high resolution” tweeters.

The speakers are self-powered by two 8 watt amplifiers. The ms16 has a frequency response from 80hz to 20khz which is pretty decent for monitors without a dedicated subwoofer.

The speakers have bass, mid, and treble control. There is also a volume control knob. The ms16 has a headphone input that will auto-mute the loudspeaker as expected.

The headphone input is on the front and is very accessible. Strangely enough, these monitors have a microphone input.

I couldn’t see anyone using the microphone input to record serious vocals. I guess you could use the microphone input for skype calls, or anything that doesn’t require a high quality input.



  • Takes up very little desk real-estate.
  • They are an upgrade from average cheap speakers.
  • Has RCA inputs on the back.
  • The headphone input is very accessible.
  • Very affordable for anyone.


  • These are NOT good in a studio environment. Good luck mixing anything on these.
  • These speakers have a slight hiss when you turn the volume up high.
  • There is no rubber feet on the bottom of these speakers.
  • The bass isn’t too great. It gets tends to get a bit muddy.




If you are just an average listener and aren’t planning on using these speakers to produce music, they are perfect for you.

A lot of people are purchasing these monitors to replace the speakers on their tvs. In this case, I feel like the ms16 is perfect for that!

If you are serious about your sound, and you are producing music, I’d recommend spending some extra money on better speakers. With audio equipment, you get what you pay for. The more expensive speakers will also last longer.


Looking For A Better Pair Of Monitors?

Instead of wasting your money on a pair of studio monitors that will provide you with a so-so quality, why not spend a little bit more for a much better pair?


Numark NPM5 – The Better Option

Numark NPM5 Review

Cost: Around $100

I’d recommend the Numark NPM5 over the MS16 for two reason.

  1. It sounds better.
  2. It’s only $10 more.

Updated Recommendation: Presonus Eris E3

PreSonus Eris E3

Cost: Around $100

The E3 is a fantastic alternative to the MS16 that doesn’t cost that much more.

  1. It is still very budget-friendly
  2. Has been around for a while and PreSonus has kept supporting it
  3. Sounds great


Professional-Quality Studio Monitors:

If you’re serious about music production, I recommend either getting an affordable pair of headphones or purchasing a pair of studio monitors in the price-range of $300+. You can see why in our Headphones vs. Monitors graphic. Also, make sure to check out our Studio Monitor recommendations.


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