This Week In Music Production #01

by Doug

 March 21, 2017
This week In music production
Clone Max For Live Device For $1, 33% Off Complete Guide To Compression course, Free real Hi Hat sample pack, The making of Chance The Rapper’s ‘No Problems’, and much more in today’s This Week In Music Production.

Welcome to the very first T.W.I.M.P.! I decided that I wanted to add even more value than simply sending you Plugin Deals Of The Week articles.

In every T.W.I.M.P article, I will share plugin deals, epic articles/videos, free stuff, and music production news.


Plugin Deals Of The Week

40% Off Z3TA+2

10 Mar - April 1, 2017

Get Z3TA+2 for 40% off.

Z3TA+2 is one of my favorite VST synths of all time. With it, you can produce some incredible synth patches. Z3TA+2 is a champion at creating arpeggiated sounds, insanely powerful leads, and huge sounding super saws.

Really great to see they are having such a generous sale!

Clone - Max For Live Instrument ($1)

14 Mar - April 17, 2017

Get the Clone Max For Live Instrument for $1.

Clone is a Max For Live analog synth that provides some quite unique features. And for only a dollar, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Take a listen to the demo video above, by Joshua Casper.

20% Off Outer Space

17 Mar - March 28, 2017

Get the Outer Space Effect plugin for 20% off.

Just by the name, you can tell that this plugin has to be an effect plugin. Well, you’re right! It is. This plugin emulates classic tape echo. It sounds extraordinary on an array of instruments and can even sound good on certain vocals.

Sample Packs & Courses

Loopmasters is putting their Compression Course on sale.

33% Off Complete Guide to Compression

Get the course for 33% off.

If you’re still a compression newb, do not fret! Rob Jones, a course director and producer of many years, will teach you the ins and outs of compression. Now, let me tell you...The compressor has to be the most misused audio effect on the planet. New producers either use WAY too much compression or way too little. This is a great course for anyone looking for a better understanding of the role of the compressor in a mix.

Epic Free Hi hat Sample pack

I was pleasently surprised that they decided to give this pack away for free! This pack includes hundreds of professionally recorded hi hat samples & loops for you to play around with. Included, are very dynamic samples. The hi hat pattern loops offer the imperfection of a human drummer. This is great for humanizing your electronic drum beats.

Check out the free hi hat sample pack.​

Videos, Articles, & Resources

The DAW You Use Doesn’t Matter

Hans Zimmer drops some truth bombs! If you’ve been skeptical with the DAW you’ve chosen and feel like other producers have an edge over you by using newer, DAWs with shiny bells and whistles, Zimmer is here to tell you to stop being insecure!

The best DAW for you is the one you are most comfortable using. It doesn’t matter what Skrillex uses. It doesn’t matter what Deadmau5 uses. Find the DAW that’s right for you.

If you’re still in the decision process, we’ve written an article on choosing the DAW that’s right for you.

The Making Of Chance The Rapper's "No Problem"

Now this was cool! Hip-Hop producers listen up! Actually, scratch that. Every producer listen up! Brasstracks shares some great tips & tricks in this video.

With most music being shared online, how do we keep music local?

What is local? Perspectives on music-making in a hyper-connected world

Read Ableton's Article, 'What is local?'

I really enjoyed this recent Ableton article. It talks about how we live in a world where music is shared primarily online now. It talks about how there is less of a “local” sense in music as there used to be. Quite interesting read!

FL Production’s Remake of Alone by Alan Walker

If you’re an EDM producer that uses FL Studio, you’re going to love this! FL Productions put together a really accurate and professional-sounding remake of ‘Alone’. You can download the FLP file here.

Unique Instrument: The Glass Armonica

The Glass Armonica is a little known mechanical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin. He originally got the idea through hearing a musician playing music with glass.

This thing sounds incredible! Makes me wish it was more popular. If anyone runs into one of these instruments and has a field recorder, please make a sample pack!

Chord Progression Guide by Daniel Grove

Chord Chart that helps you create better chord progressions. It allows you to play to a certain emotion.

I ran into a great chart by Daniel Grove. He provides you with three tables that go over a different musical feeling: A steady feeling, anticipation, building, and an out of key feeling.

This is very useful for us producers who don’t happen to have a vast knowledge of music theory and can help us better create emotion in music.

I wish I can give Daniel some more credit for this wonderful graphic, but I couldn't find his personal website or Soundcloud anywhere. ​


And there you have it! This has been the first edition of T.W.I.M.P.

A lot of cool resources shared. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

What do you think?