Producer Deals Of The Week – 02/03/2017

by Doug

 February 3, 2017

A bit late in the week, but nonetheless, we came through and put together this week's 'Producer Deals Of The Week'.

Now, you might have noticed, last week, that we tested the first edition of 'Plugin Deals Of The Week'. We got a great reaction, but realized after that there is more to life than audio plugins. What if we created a weekly compilation of deals on plugins, sample packs, courses, and all sorts of other awesome producer gear? Well, that's exactly what we'll be doing!



Kilohearts Sale

Up To 35% Off Kilohearts Plugins

From February 1st - 14th, Plugin Boutique offers up to 35% off on a wide variety of Kilohearts plugins to mark the launch of Kiloheart’s all-new Transient Shaper Snapin.

A fine new addition to the Kilohearts range, the Transient Shaper Snapin works better than a compressor. Yes, you heard that right! The Transient Shaper Snapin allows you to process the dynamics of the sound, adjust the rate of change of the signal level rather than the signal level itself to perfect your soul-stirring beats with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Sample Magic Stacker Sale

Up To 38% Off Sample Magic Stacker Plugins

Looking for a new plugin to revolutionize your rhythms? Sample Magic’s Stacker is just what you need to create anything from scratch - think personalized drum sounds to cutting edge beats, cinematic-style SFX and even finely tuned vintage hits.

Loved by DJs around the world, Stacker is the most compelling sound layering tool in the market. The powerful drum layering plugin offers smart global editing, flexible modulation, precise filters, free form curve enhanced envelopes and superior-quality dedicated stereo tools and macro assignments for making instant adjustments.

Looking to get your hands on Sample Magic’s Stacker? Check out Plugin Boutique to save up to 38% from January 30 - February 20, 2017. Superior sound quality, ease of use and value for money makes Sample Magic’s Stacker your go-to virtual instrument for drums.

MeterPlugs K-Meter Sale

30% Off MeterPlugs K-Meter 

MeterPlugs K-meter is an awesome and very accurate metering plugin. There are simple controls, making it a great, lightweight plugin to use.

This handy tool shifts the focus from maximizing peak levels to loudness metering and dynamic range. Pioneered by Grammy Award winner and seasoned mastering engineer Bob Katz, the K-Meter plugin can also help in calibrating your studio monitors by outputting pink noise through each channel.

From February 1 - 20th, 2017, Plugin Boutique offers an exclusive 30% off sale on MeterPlug K-Meter.

UVI Deal Of The Week: Beat Box Anthology

60% Off UVI Beat Box Anthology

Don’t miss out on UVI’s Beat Box Anthology this week! Plugin Boutique offers a generous 60% off on this amazing plugin for just four days - from February 1 - 6th, 2017. Beat Box Anthology brings to you an arsenal of 80 drum machines including both, analog classics and newer digital models.

This plugin bundle includes legendary cult drum machines like the Roland 808 and 909 as well as other rare models that faded away sooner than expected. Sampled at 24 bit/ 96 kHz employing the finest DI boxes and ADCs, the entire library comprises over 1000 samples mastered by none other than Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound for a true-tone, precise, world-class sound like no other.

Audiomodern Glitchverb Sale (Exclusive)

50% Off Audiomodern Glitchverb 

Created and developed by Ernesto Cecco D’ortona, Glitchverb is a modern reverb plugin with a big bassy compression reverb sound without actual compression. The best part yet, you get to choose between glitchy and grainy mode. 

Perfect for making your drums sound heavy, like a ton of rocks, Audiomodern’s Glitchverb brings you the unparalleled ‘Max for Live’ experiences and on Ableton like never before. The good news is, Plugin Boutique has an exclusive 50% off sale on Glitchverb from February 1 - 20th, 2017 till stocks last.

Photosounder Sale (Exclusive)

50% Off Photosounder 

Using powerful, omnipotent synthesis algorithms, Photosounder is the first audio editor/synthesizer in the market known to have an entirely image based approach to creating and editing sound.

Photosounder comes with a complete set of powerful built-in image editing tools specifically tailored to enable you to create and edit sounds effortlessly with near-perfect results that will blow your mind!

This standalone program is perfectly compatible with Mac and Windows OS. Tempted to try out this new and innovative tool? Plugin Boutique brings to you an exclusive 50% off sale on Photosounder from February 1-19th, 2017.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Sale

Up To 33% Off XLN Audio Addictive Drums Versions

Bringing the finest drums of the world straight into your music, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 is the ultimate plugin bundle with professionally played rhythms and phenomenal features for sound mixing and shaping.

Plugin Boutique offers you a deal you can’t refuse - up to 33% off on all versions XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 including Rock & Metal Edition, Creative Collection, Custom and Custom XL.

Sample Packs

Future Chill Trap Sale

50% Off Future Chill Trap

Complete with over 540 MB of samples, MIDI files and presets, Future Koncept’s Future Chill Trap sample pack is a must-have for producers looking to take their chill trap tracks to the next level.

Future Chill Trap is designed to help you shape your tracks the way you want to, with a unique touch using 20+ original vocal chops and melodies. Try out this amazing sample pack at 50% off on Prime Loops today! 

Deep Minimal House

50% Off Deep Minimal House

Toneworxx brings to you a genre-defining repertoire of superbly produced deep minimal house samples including bass, synth and drum loops as well as FX, one-shots and a comprehensive collection of Massive & Sylenth presets.

An added plus, this sample pack also comes with 10 drum kits arranged into a broad range of Software synths including EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT and Halion. Order your Deep Minimal House sample pack today with a whopping 50% discount from Prime Loops.

Future Hip Hop

50% Off Future Hip Hop

This next-level Future Hip Hop, 630 MB+, producer toolkit will knock your socks off! With more than 300 one of a kind loops, samples and sampler drum kits, this sample pack will make a great new addition to your collection.

The futuristic combination of raw hip hop beats and ultra-melodic future elements is a winner. Don’t miss out on 630 MB+ of supreme content on 50% off only at Prime Loops. 

CFA Sales

50% Off CFA Sound 9th Year Anniversary Packs

You cannot afford to miss CFA-Sound’s 9th Anniversary Sale on Loopmasters! From February 2-10th, you can avail a celebratory 50% discount on CFA’s four best selling products of all time including Essential Deep House Sylenth1 Presets, Titan1 XFER Serum Presets, Massive Complextro Tools and Thrillogy 1.

Modern Folk Rock Kit

20% Off Drumdrops Modern Folk Rock Kit

The all-new Drumdrops Modern Folk Rock Kit is definitely here to stay. Sequel to the best selling Vintage Folk Rock kit, the Modern Folk Rock kit has been co-created by the legendary producer and engineer Phill Brown and Martyn Baker.

The professional Drumdrops Modern Folk Rock Kit will come in hand every step of the way. Avail a 20% introductory discount on the Modern Folk Rock Kit only at Loopmasters. 


DJ Fracture presents Drum and Bass in Ableton Live sale

43% Off DJ Fracture's 'Drum and Bass in Ableton Live'

Do you wish to learn about the entire process of building a drum and bass track from scratch on Ableton Live by the very talented DJ Fracture? This course will give you great knowledge on how to use Ableton Live to create DnB tracks on a professional level.

Divided into nine separate modules, DJ Fracture focuses on each and every aspect of composing and producing music on Ableton Live. Loopmasters offers a limited time 43% off on this course.

Sign up for DJ Fracture Presents Drum and Bass in Ableton Live to polish your skills and gain a fresh new perspective on digital music production. Click on this link to avail this limited time offer now before February 7th, 2017.

Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques sale

33% Off 'Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques'

Do you want to take your music production skills to the next level? Providing just the right amount of theory and practical application, the Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques course by DJ Seppa is ideal for novice producers.

The entire course is divided into 8 modules, each focusing on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to produce music using Ableton Live. The best part yet, you will also get 200 MB+ bonus samples to help you start producing your own original track. Sign up for this course today before February 7th to avail a flat 33% discount!

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of 'Producer Deals Of the Week'!

Feel free to leave your suggestions below of how we can improve for next time.

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