Plugin Deals Of The Week 02/07/2017

by Doug

 February 7, 2017

Back again for this week's plugin deals!

Got some interesting feedback. It seems that subscribers were more interested in Plugin deals than they were with anything else.

So for now on, each week I will provide you with great audio plugin deals I come across.

So let's get started!

30% Off Sonible smart:EQ+

3 Feb - February 19, 2017

There are so many different EQ plugins out there, you might be wondering "How is this plugin any different?"

That's a valid question and to answer that I will simply say it's a smart EQ that will cut down the hours you spend mix.​

​This EQ does a great job at allowing you to tweak, using very nice EQ curves, without destroying your sound.

60% Off D16 Drumazon

3 Feb - February 20, 2017

Drumazon is possibly the best 909 plugin I've ever come across. Such a realistic 909 kit that allows you to tweak every inch of your sound. 

I'm really pleased to see this plugin having such a generous sale. Take a listen to the video above and definitely consider taking advantage of this deal.​

50% Off Audiomodern Glitchverb

1 Feb - February 20, 2017

Glitchverb is one of those plugins that you'll find yourself using all the time. It allows for a really nice compressed reverb sound.

I like this plugin especially for drums!

Kilohearts sale

UP TO 35% OFF KiloHearts Products

1 Feb - February 14, 2017

Until February 14, all KiloHearts plugins at Plugin Boutique will be up to 35% off. Why are they suddenly discounting all plugins, you might ask? It's to mark the launch of their Transient Shaper Snapin plugin, which is actually a really cool transient shaper!

$100 Off 8DIO "Symphonic Shadows"

Deal good until March 1.

8DIO is known for having really high-end plugins.

If you produce a lot of dark music or are looking for something for cinematic scores, you really can't go wrong with Symphonic Shadows. I mean, just listen to the Soundcloud demo above. Insane in the membrane!

40% OFF Sinevibes Multitude

3 Feb - February 18, 2017

What first caught my eye with this plugin is the really beautiful user interface and the step-sequencer feature. This delay plugin is really cool and useful for sound design. I especially recommend it if you produce a lot of glitch music.

CFA preset deals

50% OFF CFA 9th Anniversary Presets

2 Feb - February 10, 2017

Last but not least, we don't exactly have a plugin sale, but we have a plugin PRESET sale. CFA has some really great presets to check out for synths such as Virus TI and Serum.

What do you think?