Plugin Deals Of The Week 02/21/2017

by Doug

 February 21, 2017
This week, 02-21-2017, we have some great deals on pianos, organs, and synths.

This week we have some really great virtual instruments on sale!

Especially if you're looking for a piano, organ, or vintage synth plugin on the cheap, you're going to love this week's deals.

I also came across 4 deals that are ending TODAY - February 21, 2017. 

Hope you enjoy! Cheers.

New Deals This Week


14 Feb - February 22, 2017

Fan of vintage synths? More specifically, are you a fan of the ARP 2600? 

TimewARP is the ONLY emulation of the ARP 2600 that was endoresed by the original ARP 2600 inventor, Alan R. Pearlman. 

80% OFF Air Music Transfuser 2

14 Feb - February 22, 2017

Transfuser 2 is a great drum sequencer that comes with over 3,200 loops and 1,200 drum samples.

60% OFF AudioThing Valve Filter

15 Feb - February 22, 2017

AudioThing Valve filter is a vintage filter that provides an incredibly warm sound. Offers both a high-pass and low-pass filter. Love the user interface of this plugin!

80% OFF Air Music Velvet 2

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

This deals pretty hard to turn up! 80% off a great piano plugin that sounds reminiscent to pianos in the 60s and 70s. 

75% OFF Air Music DB-33

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

Air Music is putting their DB-33 organ plugin on sale! Designed to model a Hammond B3 organ, it can provide you a very deep tonewheel sound.

75% OFF Air Music: Mini Grand

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

Another Air Music plugin going on sale this week, the Mini Grand is meant to be a great all-around piano plugin. It comes with 7 different piano models.

PSP Audio is having a great winter sale in February 2017.

UP TO 72% OFF PSP Plugins

21 Feb - February 25, 2017

PSP Audioware is known to provide top-notch mixing plugins. Two of their plugins are on sale for up to 72% off.

33% OFF FabFilter Simplon

21 Feb - February 27, 2017

FabFilter Simplon is a simplified filter of Volcano 2 that costs less and will save you CPU power (compared to using the Volcano plugin).

It has great features like Multiband processing, 16 different distortion models, and mid-size processing.

 Definitely check out the video above to check out this plugin's potential. 

Ending Today!

50% OFF OhmForce OhmBoyz

14 Feb - February 21, 2017

Last week we mentioned OhmBoyz. It's a great delay unit, but its 50% off sale ends today.

50% OFF OhmForce Quad Frohmage

14 Feb - February 21, 2017

Ending today, you can get 50% off Quad Frohmage, a super powerful multi-band shaper plugin.

33% OFF OhmForce Ohmicide

14 Feb - February 21, 2017

One of my favorite distortion plugin, Ohmicide is on sale for 33% off.

This plugin provides multi-band distortion and many great distortion models.

OhmForce's Plugin are on sale during February 2017

33% OFF OhmForce All-Effects Bundle

14 Feb - February 21, 2017

If you're a fan of bundles, here's a great one! Get all of OhmForce's effects for 33% off the original price.

Thank you for reading! Hope you found a great deal this week!

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