This Week In Music Production #02

by Doug

 March 31, 2017
This Week In Music Production 02

97% Off a VST Plugin, 50% Off XLN Plugins, Tames Psychedelic sound broken down, and much more!

Welcome to This Week In Music Production #02! For now on, This Week In Music Production articles will go live every Friday.

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​This week's deals

50% Off XLN Audio Plugins

XLN is having a very generous sale this week.You can get top of the line plugins such as Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys, Addictive Trigger, DS-10 Drum Shaper, and much more for 50% off. This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking to get some professional plugins for a discounted price.

30% Off Wavesfactory - Introductory Sale

This sale is quite exciting! Wavesfactory is coming to Plugin Boutique and for a limited time, they are have a 30% off sale with all of their Kontakt instruments. Definitely take a listen to these instruments.

97% Off Sonic Faction Clone

If you’re a Max For Live Ableton user, you’d be pretty crazy not to take this deal! For $1, you can pick up Sonic Faction Clone, an incredible sound design Max For Live tool.

Up To 80% Off Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch Kick Machine

If you’re an EDM producer, part of the reality you’ll have to face is that have punchy kicks is a big part to creating driving music. Sasquatch Kick Machine is a really interesting tool that will allow you to tweak your kicks to perfection.

Up To 72% Off PSP B-Scanner & PSP L'otary

PSP is also having a generous sale. You can get 70% or 72% off their two plugins, L’otary 2 and B-Scanner. B-Scanner is an emulation of-of an analog scanner effect and L’otary 2 is an emulation of a rotary speaker. Anyone who’s a fan of vintage audio equipment will love these plugins.

B&H Apple Special

B&H is having an Apple sale! The two specific deals that caught my eye were the 15” Macbook Pro deal and the 13” Macbook pro deal. Great opportunity to save a few hundred dollars!

15" Macbook Deal

13" Macbook deal

Tame Impala Synth Sounds

This article was quite interesting! It goes over how to achieve different sounds from the psychedelic band, Tame.

[Read the full article over at Reverb Machine]

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Sampling in Alchemy

Here’s a cool video I came across this week about sampling in Alchemy. Although, I’m not a Logic user, it really intrigued me seeing how you can use Alchemy.

6 Ways to Add Depth to Your Sounds |

In this video, Chromat goes over the 6 steps to add more depth to your sounds. Those steps are:

  1. Offsetting notes from a rigid beat (adding swing)
  2. Take advantage of note velocity
  3. Use volume envelopes
  4. To mimic bow movement and add a sweeping effect, use volume automation
  5. Add reverb (Careful not to add too much!)
  6. Add vibrato

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