Plugin Deals Of The Week 03/01/2017

by Doug

 March 1, 2017
Plugin Deals Of The Week on March 01, 2017

Welcome to the first Plugin Deals Of The Week article of March 2017!

We have a few deals that were mentioned last week, but are expiring TODAY (March 1, 2017).

There are quite a few introductory deals as well!​

Ending Today

80% Off Air Music Velvet 2

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

Until the 1st of March, Velvet 2 will be 80% off. Velvet is an awesome piano VST and today is your last day to take advantage of this deal.

75% Off Air Music DB-33

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

Air Music’s DM-33 plugin is a quality piano emulation modeled after the Hammond B3, a popular electric organ manufactured in 1935. You get 122 presets to give you inspiration. There’s also a pretty cool convolution rotary cabinet and tube overdrive effect.

60% Off WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm

14 Feb - March 1, 2017

Liquid Rhythm is an awesome and unique sequencer, meant for perfecting your drum rhythms. This plugin very well could be a game changer to your music production workflow.

75% Off Air Music: Mini Grand

21 Feb - March 1, 2017

Another Air Music plugin going on sale, this time the Mini Grand. The Mini Grand is meant as a very basic, yet powerful piano plugin. This comes with seven different piano models to mess around with. Just because this plugin is meant to be simple, it doesn’t mean that you are limited to primitive features. You also have built-in room simulation to add a nice touch to your sound.

New Deals

60% Off SoundSpot Overtone

24 Feb - April 1, 2017

Until the 1st of April, SoundSpot Overtone will have its 60% off introductory sale. This plugin is a nice mastering EQ that adds a professional touch to your mix at an affordable price.

50% Off PSP 608 MultiDelay

27 Feb - March 7, 2017

I’m a big fan of PSP’s effect plugins, and until March 7, you can get 50% off of their awesome 608 MultiDelay. At first glance of the MultiDelay’s user interface, your mind will be blown! You wouldn’t expect such a fully-featured delay plugin. PSP did a great job with this one!

45% Off Eventide Fission

27 Feb - April 13, 2017

Eventide Fission is a new plugin that uses what they call “Structural Effects technology.” Essentially, this is a new way for you to split up a sound into its transient and tonal parts. You might be wondering why this is useful. Well, when you split up a sound into transient and tonal parts, you will be able to apply certain effects to the tonal parts of a sound while not affecting the transient. Very useful!

42% Off Softube Heartbeat

14 Feb - February 28, 2017

Softube Heartbeat is a drum synth that combines old with new. With most of the inspiration from drum synths from the 80s. Heatbeat has eight instrument channels for you to synthesize drum sounds.

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