Plugin Deals Of The Week 01/24/2017

by Doug

 January 24, 2017

​Welcome to our very first Plugin Deal Of The Week (PDW) article!

Going off at a bang, we've got some excellent plugins to show you today.

Most musicians, understandably, can't afford to go out and spend thousands of dollars acquiring all of the top VST plugins in one go. For this reason, plugin developers throw crazy deals on their plugins to attract more buyers.

I really hope you enjoy this list. Please leave your feedback of what I can do better next week in the comment section below.​


70% Off Trash 2 + Expansions

Deal Validity: 21 Nov - January 31, 2017

Love distortion? You'll instantly love this plugin. It's especially good if you're an EDM producer as well, however I can see rock producers using this as well for lead guitars. You've got all sorts of distortion options ranging from classic distortion to crazy experimental uniqueness. Overall, I love this plugin and use it a lot in EDM!

Orchestral Companion Deal

99% Off Orchestral Companion Strings

Deal Validity: 16 Dec - January 31, 2017

This is a plugin worth $100 that is on sale for $1. Dare I say anything else? I was skeptical about this plugin, but was really impressed with it! It does an excellent job (maybe not as good as session strings), but if you're a budget producer looking to get a strings plugin, this is your opportunity.

Vocal Bundle Deal

64% Off iZotope Vocal Bundle

Deal Validity: 28 Nov - January 31, 2017

I really like iZotope's bundles. If you work with a lot of vocals, this is a great choice for you. iZotope has a reputation for top-notch mixing and mastering plugins, and this bundle is no exception.

Universal Drums Deal

80% Off SONiVOX Universal Drums 

Deal Validity: 8 Dec - January 31, 2017

I'm a fan of Sonivox and highly recommend this drum plugin, especially since it's 89% off! Very high quality samples are used. Follow my advice, click that 'View This Deal' button, and simply listen to the demo of this plugin. It's a great buy!

Superior Drummer Deal

Up To 44% Off Superior Drummer + Crossgrade

Deal Validity: 1 Dec - January 31, 2017

Here's a second drum plugin going on sale that you might want to compare with the Sonivox one mentioned earlier. I really like how this plugin lets you take a stock drum set and really tweak each sample to your liking.

FXpansion deal

Up To 50% Off FXpansion Products

Deal Validity: 16 Jan - February 17, 2017

BFD is a favorite drum plugin among producers. There are many different versions of BFD FXpansion has put on sale this week. 

Transgressor deal

50% Off Boz Digital Labs Transgressor

Deal Validity: 20 Jan - February 4, 2017

Are you an early adopter? Transgressor is having an introductory sale of 50% off. There's no way to tell when the next time this plugin will go on sale. This plugin will cost you only $50 and will be quite a useful tool in your production. The motto of this plugin is 'Not Just Another Transient Designer'. 

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