Where To Find The Best Music Production Courses

Music Production is art, one that is gaining respect and an equal amount of heat from all corners of the globe and while just like every other art, it depends primarily on the artist’s ability to express him/herself, proper learning is very much necessary if one wants to truly create something worth being proud of.

Music may be your passion and your brain may be pumping ideas by the minute but the truth is that unless you learn how to express yourself and more importantly learn the tools required to express yourself, you’ll go nowhere. The world is fast paced, and the music industry has new production equipment coming out every once in a while.

Thanks to the internet, online education is no longer a thought but a reality and its one that’s great for learning music production no matter in which corner of the world you’re in.

You should consider learning music production through an online course not because it will give you unlimited amounts of portability but because it will give you education that’s most authentic & up to date. You’ll have access to some of the sickest and latest material out there and if you want to get a jump on things fast, there’s no better way but to start taking an online course.

Here are a few options.



Visit ProducerTech’s website

The first choice you’ll have is ProducerTech, an online music tutoring service that’s been around since 2010 and has some of the best & most experienced DJs & producers to teach you.

The tutoring offers covers all type of genres, shapes & sizes and if you choose this website for your production needs, you’ll be able to converge all your energies to a single style that you love the most with extreme fluidity.

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to discuss tips & tricks and go head to head with several Loopmasters in house producers and engineers which will give you an extremely constructive insight into how things work.

Some of the courses offered by ProducerTech include:

remixing-techniques-in-ableton-main_1Remixing Techniques in Ableton Live ($32.74)

This is a comprehensive course on Ableton Live and comes straight from Producertech’s Course Director Rob Jones. It will guide you through the entire process of making your very own Remix and take care of even the tiniest bit of detail that will hold significance to your career.


essential-guide-to-logic-pro-instruments-mainEssential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments ($71.26)

This is an 11 segment course on all instrument modules and starts right from the beginning, slowly but surely immersing into much more advanced courses.

The course has been designed in such a manner that it will clearly teach all the ins & outs synthesis and sampling technologies used within Logic Pro’s instruments.


htgrooveprod-1000x1000House and Techno Groove Production ($48.44)

If you want to get a head start on learning the secrets behind house & techno grooves, this course is your ticket in.

With just 20 clearly described and well explained modules, you’ll be able to produce your very own House & Techno tracks. The course has been producer by Paul Maddox and covers all aspects of House & Techno music.



Visit the Udemy website

This a hugely popular website with over 9 million students taking courses in subjects ranging from yoga to photography to music production. This may be the ultimate learning place in the world and hires several talented artists to teach you the basics & advanced techniques of music productions.

In addition, every course you open up has a comprehensive guideline along with a several reviews from people who have taken the course, giving you a clear answer to whether you should be taking this course or not.

The courses offered include:

30549_4b62_2Learn Electronic Music Production ($24)

This is a great course for learning the basics of electronic music production. The lessons have been split into a total of 29 lectures, 4.5 hours each. From effective drum programming techniques to solid bassline to music theory, the course has it all and can serve as a great way to enter the world of electronic music.


608142_b3c2_5Music Theory for Beat Makers ($24)

Once again you must understand that talent alone won’t get you anywhere unless you learn how to handle the instruments. This course within 16 lectures, can give provide any producer with a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of music production including instruments like progressions, scales & chords.


353158_3ef0Sound & Audio Foundations for Producers ($24)

Want to learn the techniques that hit producers use to make up sick tracks that keeps the crowd immersed for so long? Well, look no further because once you take this course on the foundations of production techniques you’ll be as good as those producers & engineers. And all it’s going to take will be just 36 lectures that you can watch anytime you want.


Point Blank Music School

Visit the Point Bank Music School website

The truth of the matter is that not everyone has the resources and neither the time to visit London once a week so that they can learn music from the very roots! Instead, using a little common sense would do wonders, especially when London can come straight to you.

Point Blank London now offers online courses to its students and covers some of the trickiest concepts of music production, explaining them with unbroken rhythm. The courses may be pricy but the quality gained through experienced instructors makes it worth it.

Diphe Music Production And Business ($12,826.03)

The course may not be affordable compared to other courses but for 74.5 weeks and unlimited access to one of the most experienced teaching pool, this is gold. Keep in mind that this is a lot more affordable than college and you’ll actually learn skills that are relevant towards you.

The program itself is quality assured by Middlesex University and will show you how to produce cutting edge music with precise detail and clarity.


Mixing & Mastering Ableton Live Award ($1840.44)

The course comes with two options, i.e. 8 weeks or 16 weeks. Regardless of what you choose, it will teach you exclusive mixing & mastering techniques right from professional mixing & mastering engineers and will get you pumping with production ideas in no time.


Music Production Logic Pro Diploma ($6341.68)

Within 32/64 weeks, the course will teach you creativity, flexibility and get you ready for producing your very own unique music. You’ll get A-Z lessons on the entire process of production and get a comprehensive exposure with all Native Instruments. In no time, you’ll be able to write, program and master your own tracks at a professional grade.


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When the 3 online music production teaching services are compared, ProducerTech stands out because it can get any upcoming producer rolling within a few weeks.

The service understands the need for cost-effective courses that will build music production concepts within the shortest time period. Any person wanting to become a music producer and learn the art from the best can make use of this online teaching service, and within weeks will be capable of making premium quality hits. 

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