Alesis DM6 Review – Realistic Drums For An Affordable Price!

An acoustic drum set has the tendency to annoy the heck out of your neighbors and family. A lot of courteous drummers don’t pay at night just to avoid bothering others.

A digital drum set allows you to play at any time of the day, with any type of drum sounds, as loud or quiet as you prefer.

The DM6 is an affordable digital drum set that promises quality and a ton of features that any drummer will appreciate.

But does the Alesis DM6 deliver what it promises? Today we’ll find out.

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Thanks to MIDI, we can plug in a digital drum kit to our computer and instantly control any sound imaginable. It doesn’t even have to be a percussion instrument! Synths, pianos, basses, or sound effects can all be controlled if you really wanted to.

The Alesis DM6 is a great drum kit that will cost you under $400. It has a bunch of awesome features that a drummer from any skill-level — Beginner, intermediate, or expert — can enjoy.

In this review, we’ll be going over the Alesis DM6 digital USB drum kit.


What This Review Will Cover:

  • What’s Included?
  • Main Features
  • What Other Users Say About The Alesis DM6
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Summary


What’s Included?

what's included?

  • Alesis DM6 Drum Kit
  • drumsticks
  • Bass pedal and kick pad
  • manuals

I thought it was nice that Alesis made the decision to include drumsticks and pedals with the DM6.

You don’t have to worry about running to the shop to buy extra accessories resulting in spending MORE money. Everything you need to start drumming away is included.


Main Features

Product Name: Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Short Review: The DM6 is an awesome drum kit that sounds very realistic.

Rating: 9/10


The Alesis DM6 is a 5-piece drum kit. It includes a kick, a snare, 3 toms, 2 cymbals, and 3 hats.

Alesis takes pride in providing a natural-feeling drum set. The surface of each drum is a bouncy rubber that will reduce any bad vibration feedback.

Overall, the Alesis DM6 is a great value for your money. The drum samples sound nice and realistic, it has a high build quality, and has a good selection of inputs/outputs.

Everything feels nice and sturdy on the DM6. The kit mounts on a heavy-duty aluminum rack. Nothing feels cheap or fragile.


How It Sounds:

The Alesis DM6 comes with a load of drum sounds and kits for you to play around with. There are over 100 built-in drum samples.

You get 15 pre-made kit presets. Each of them represent a different style and each kit’s drum samples can be interchanged.

The kits all of a very natural and realistic sound to them. Each drum is velocity sensitive allowing you to run into no trouble when playing expressively.

Since the Alesis DM6 is midi compatible, you can plug it into your computer for use in software instruments or DAWs.

The drums have a natural-feeling bounce when you hit them. The cymbals are nicely-sized and have a realistic feedback to them.

Build Quality

The build quality is yet another huge reason why the DM6 is such a great drum kit. The rubber surfaces for each drum feels nice. The entire kit is put together sturdily.


For audio outputs, there is a headphone output and an amplified output. The amplified output will allow you to drum on any sound-system imaginable.

There is an aux input on the DM6. You can easily plug in your iPod and load up songs in a snap. This is great especially for doing drum covers of your favorite songs.

You’ll also find a usb output. This comes in handy for outputting midi to your computer.

You can plug in pedals to the Alesis DM6. If you want more than 2 inputs, you’ll have to buy the Alesis DM6 cable snake. The cable snake ranges from $40-$70. I’m a bit confused on why it is that expensive. After looking around for a bit, this is a pretty good deal for the average cable snake. A lot of them go for $90-$100.


What Other Users Say About The Alesis DM6

review icon

The Majority of the Alesis DM6’s reviews were positive.

A common occurrence I read was how great this drum kit is for beginners. It comes with everything you need to play right out of the box. Alesis even includes drumsticks!

Another part of the DM6 that people seemed to enjoy was that the creative possibilities are endless. Without connecting this drum kit to your computer, you already have a powerful unit. There are plenty of great samples and features right out of the box.

Once you connect the DM6 to a computer, you can control any instrument imaginable. The realistic velocity-sensitive drums are great for midi-drumming if you particularly don’t like manually penciling in notes into your DAW of choice.

A lot of drummers loved how realistic each drum feels. The transition from an acoustic drum kit to the Alesis DM6 is nice and smooth. The velocity sensitivity and the overall feel of each drum feels very accurate to an acoustic kit.

I also saw that users of the DM6 loved the aux integration. Such a simple input makes it incredibly easy to plug in your iPod and instantly jam over any song you choose. This is great for creating drum covers on the fly!



  • Very realistic drum sounds
  • Great value for its price
  • Comes with everything you need right out of the box



  • There are no major flaws in the DM6. I looked very hard, but failed to find any common complaints. (If you find any flaws in the DM6, please let me know in the comment section below)



All-in-all, the Alesis DM6 is an awesome digital drum kit that any drummer from complete newbie to rockstar-level expert can enjoy.

Everything you need is included. Straight out of the box, you can start drumming away.


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